Blues Singer (Benny Guitar Carr) – Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how Blues Singer (Benny Guitar Carr) collects and retains information on our customers and how we keep it safe.

Blues Singer collects the following information from our customers:

  • Name, address, phone number, email address, website address

Why do we collect this information?

  • To process your order for the services you require and to provide your invoice
  • To allow legitimate business activity to take place

How do we store this information?

  • Our customer database is held in a secure electronic excel file. We maintain regular software updates in accordance with Microsoft. I do not keep any hard copies of your data. Your data relating to invoicing may be kept for up-to 7 years in order to comply with HMRC invoice guidance.

Who has access to your customer data?

  • Only Blues Singer (Benny Guitar Carr) has access to your data. We will not share your data with any third party.

Website enquiries

  • If you complete the online enquiry form on our website your enquiry and contact details provided will be sent to

What are your rights with regards to your personal information?

  • You can view your customer record at any time. Your customer record can be updated at any time. Please inform Blues Singer (Benny Guitar Carr) of any updates that need to be made. If you need to make a complaint with regards to the handling of your personal information please do so by emailing
  • You will always be contacted on a personal basis. You will not receive email marketing from Blues Singer (Benny Guitar Carr).

What happens if there is a breach of your personal information?

  • If you have any concerns with regards to a breach of your personal information please contact
  • If you wish to report a breach of your personal information please read the guidance on the ICO website.


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Blues Singer (Benny Guitar Carr) July 2018